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Large plumes of smoke pour from a fire Aug. 23, 2023, at the Marathon Petroleum refinery in Garyville.
Marathon Refinery Faces Extensive Damage After Oil Fire in Louisiana The recent oil fire at the Marathon refinery in Louisiana has not only caused significant damage to the facility but has also raised concerns about the potential environmental impact. Taking place on August 25th, the fire, linked to a naphtha leak—an essential chemical in gasoline
Load Bank Services
Resistive Load Banks produce an artificial power load to be placed onto a generator. Load Bank Services will be able to create a kilowatt demand that equals the maximum power output of a generator. For example, a 100KW load bank may be hooked up to a 100KW generator, and, at maximum load, the generator will
Fuel Polishing and Fuel Filtration Service
Ensuring the quality and longevity of stored diesel fuel requires the essential services of fuel polishing and filtration. At MegaWattage, a technician will use specialized filters to remove microbes and other contaminants from stored diesel during service. The technician will test the fuel and confirm if there is any removable water. A fuel polishing service
Megawattage offers a Diesel Fuel Reservation
Reliable Emergency Fuel Services When the demand for diesel is imperative, it is equally as important to have an alternative fuel supplier for emergencies. In the days and weeks following the devastating Hurricane Irma, the demand for fuel dramatically increased. While power lines were down and awaiting repair, diesel fuel was in short supply. This is
Experience in Power Generation
Megawattage, a leading turnkey company based in South Florida, specializes in power generator services including rental, reservation, maintenance, and repair. Our rental and reservation programs cater to Hurricane Season, offering a competitive selection of power generators ranging from 20kW to 3000kW. Our experienced team is fully harnessed with the knowledge and necessary equipment to deploy

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