An oil refinery caught fire in Louisiana on Friday, August 25th. According to sources, the fire was started by the leak of naptha, which is a chemical used in the manufacture of gasoline. The refinery’s containment procedures against this sort of crisis did manage to prevent the fire from spreading to many flammable stores of
Load Bank Services
Resistive Load Banks produce an artificial power load to be placed onto a generator. Load Bank Services will be able to create a kilowatt demand that equals the maximum power output of a generator. For example, a 100KW load bank may be hooked up to a 100KW generator, and, at maximum load, the generator will
Fuel Polishing and Fuel Filtration Service
Fuel Polishing and Fuel Filtration Service are critical for fuel stored for long periods. During this service, a Megawattage Technician will pump the diesel stored in a fuel tank through specialized filters that clean dirty fuel of microbes and other contaminants. The technician will test the fuel and will confirm if there is any removable
Megawattage offers a Diesel Fuel Reservation
Megawattage offers a Diesel Fuel Reservation Service. We have prepared to fuel our generators during emergencies. Do you have a fuel source when the gas stations run dry? In the days and weeks following the devastating Hurricane Irma, the demand for fuel dramatically increased while power lines were down and being repaired. This is always
Experience in Power Generation
Megawattage is one of the largest turnkey Experience in Power Generation rental, reservation,maintenance, and repair companies in South Florida. We design our rental and reservation programs for the Hurricane season with the largest selection of generators (20KW – 3000KW). We possess the knowledge and equipment todeploy a generator wherever it is needed. We take great pride

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