Diesel Fuel Polishing

Over time, moisture from leaks or condensation can cause excess water to emerge within a diesel fuel tank, especially one located outside. Water in the diesel may eventually allow for the growth of algae, bacteria, and other microbial particulate matter. Left unchecked,these contaminants can clog filters and damage the generator fuel system. Megawattage performs diesel filtration and fuel polishing services. This service includes removing water in the fuel and cleaning the diesel fuel to make it safe for use again. Cleaning fuel is usually much more cost effective than replacing it.

Megawattage will provide you a fuel analysis of which will show you before and after samples along with a report to demonstrate our findings / solution. No matter if your tank is 50 gallons or 5000 gallons, Megawattage has the equipment that will  clean, condition, and restore your diesel fuel to maximize its reliability.

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    If I store my fuel in an auxiliary tank, do I still need to clean my fuel?

    Yes – Dormant fuel for a length of time will become contaminated with microbial bacteria. You must clean this fuel prior to dispensing such within your generator otherwise you run the risk of incurring costly repairs.

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    If I pour a fuel conditioner in my tank, is that enough to clean the fuel.

    No – Algae and sludge forms on the sides and bottom of the tank. We need to remove / circulate such contaminants and run the fuel thru an extensive filtration process.

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    How often should I clean the fuel in my generator?

    If your fuel remains dormant throughout the year we recommend cleaning such fuel on an annual basis. Megawattage does offer a Diesel Fuel Polishing Service within its Preventive Maintenance program.