Disaster Relief

Megawattage Disaster Relief service 

With an increase in natural disasters, these events often result in power outages. Many states and local municipalities have been increasingly revamping planning and strategies to better respond to these disasters, but, more often than not, backup generators play a key role in helping the recovery process.

Megawattage believes in utilizing localized subcontractors with electrical teams (Mechanical Supervisors, Electrical Supervisors, Safety Managers, and Yard Supervisors) to install and connect generators after disasters. We have partnered with agencies ahead of time, so that when a storm or other natural disaster strikes, we’re ready to act on a moment’s notice. Megawattage offers Relief Generators and Disaster Relief Power Services to ensure availability and to help you plan.

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    Do you hire for disasters that occur throughout the United States?

    Yes – Wherever there is a natural disaster such as earthquakes, hurricanes, tornadoes, blizzards, severe storms, and lately wildfires, we hire an array of subcontractors – See our open job listings periodically as it changes daily when a disaster strikes.

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    If a natural disaster strikes Key West, do you provide generators?

    Yes – Megawattage deploys rental generators within Central, South (including the Keys) and the West coast of Florida.

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    What is the hourly rate for an electrician during a disaster?

    Hourly rates vary per storm and per skill set (Electrician, Rigger, Laborer etc.) You would need to check with our Open Job Listings to identify the position / location of the natural disaster to obtain the hourly rate.