MegaFuel is your reliable provider of off-road diesel fuel delivery for a variety of off-road vehicles, including forklifts, generators, and construction equipment. Our commitment is unwavering, regardless of weather conditions, demonstrating our dedication as your dependable emergency fueling service. We fully comprehend the unpredictability of natural disasters or adverse weather conditions, which often necessitate an immediate response to fuel demands. That’s why our operations are continuous, offering a 24/7 fueling service, 365 days a year. We are committed to being at your service whenever you need us.

Understanding the importance of a steady fuel supply during unforeseen power outages and storms, we take it upon ourselves to ensure that your fuel supply is of optimal quality at all times. This includes our relentless effort to minimize or eliminate potential contaminants such as water, waxes, naturally-occurring gums, algae, and other impurities. These are known to cause over 70 percent of all generator failures. When you choose MegaFuel, you’re choosing a partner who takes preemptive measures to prevent these setbacks.

Our emergency fuel delivery service comes with a comprehensive, personalized program. We carefully consider factors such as your stored fuel capacity, the necessary run-time of your equipment, and the criticality of your operations to deliver a fuel management plan tailored to your needs.

Moreover, MegaFuel doesn’t only ensure a constant fuel supply. We go above and beyond, offering dedicated/auxiliary tank rentals to bolster your fuel capacity during major outages or when the demand for fuel surges. We aim to guarantee your operations continue unhindered, regardless of the external circumstances. With MegaFuel, your power needs are in expert hands, ensuring uninterrupted productivity even when the unexpected occurs.


Fuel Polishing:

Fuel polishing renews old, poor fuel and restores it to bright red, good condition. Even though most diesel fuel tanks are certified and secure, there will inevitably be contaminants that leak or grow in stored diesel fuel over time. These contaminants will darken the fuel and form particles that prematurely clog fuel filters and, in the worst cases, damage an engine’s fuel injection system. Fuel that is contaminated beyond repair must be disposed of, which is both a hassle and an expense. Then, new diesel must be purchased, which is also a major expense.
Fuel Polishing is a service provided by MegaFuel. As a matter of preventative maintenance, MegaFuel will test your diesel fuel and determine whether fuel polishing is required. By performing this service before fuel contamination reaches an extreme, the fuel can be saved, and a plethora of expenses eliminated.
Algae and Sediments:
Algae growth on the top of the fuel and along the walls of the fuel tank results from moisture on the inside of the fuel tank. Moisture can appear as a result of temperature change or leaks and cracks in the tank. Algae can grow quickly and cause build-up of sediment, microbials, and other particulate matter. Before a fuel polish and filtration service, MegaFuel will pour chemicals in the fuel that are designed to kill algae and bacteria and break it up.  Following this preparation, we filter out all these particles in the fuel, restore the red color, and protect the engine’s fuel filters and fuel lines from potential damage and clogging. Following fuel filtration, we will add a fuel conditioner that helps to mitigate algae growth going forward.
Water Removal:
Water in diesel fuel will emulsify and sink to the bottom of the tank. It is hard to spot without regular Fuel Analysis services, since the diesel at the top of the tank will always look normal. Unfortunately, water intrusion is common in many aging fuel tanks. If an engine runs for a significant period of time on a fuel tank that is contaminated with water, then pushing the water through the fuel system can cause catastrophic damage. MegaFuel regularly tests fuel for this hidden threat as a matter of preventative maintenance. If significant water is found in a fuel tank, then we can suck it out from the bottom of the tank and dispose of the water and contaminated fuel. Then, a fuel polishing service will ensure that the remaining fuel is safe to use.  As in the case with filtration of algae and sediments, we will pour a fuel conditioning additive after this service, which will help to protect the fuel from contaminants and deterioration.

MegaFuel uses two fuel additives to treat stored diesel. Diesel treatments are necessary to eliminate and inhibit microbes in fuel. While algae and fungi can grow to a point where they clog filters or damage fuel systems, microbes and bacteria can grow in the fuel, consume it, and degrade diesel over time. These issues are preventable. One treatment used for preventative maintenance is a solvent and microbiocide designed for use in oil and diesel. This additive will kill and diminish the presence of algae and bacterial microbes that grow in the fuel. It helps to clean the walls of the fuel tank. This chemical additive is also used as a preparation for a fuel filtration service by loosening up the particulate matter in the tank, allowing for the maximum amount of particulate matter to be cleansed from both the fuel and the fuel tank itself. Our second chemical is an oil soluble fuel treatment and conditioner that helps to control future growth of fungi, algae, and bacteria. By inhibiting the growth of microbes, the quality and life of your diesel can be greatly extended. As a matter of maintenance and fuel protection, MegaFuel advises a regularly scheduled use of these additives.

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    How much is Diesel fuel?

    Fuel prices vary each day and are mainly based on supply and demand thus can only be quoted that day. Also contributing to such pricing is refinery and distribution costs, corporate profits, and state and federal taxes.

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    Will you deliver fuel over the weekend?

    Yes – Megawattage will provide fuel 24/7/365 to your property/generator.

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    Is the diesel fuel used in the generators the same as the fuel used in automobiles?

    Yes and No – All Diesel fuel is refined from crude oil and from biomass materials although the fuel dispensed in generators have a red dye added to the fuel. The reason is – Taxes – It is taxed differently, thus differentiating from fuel utilized in automobiles.