Fuel Services: Polishing and Filtration

May 19, 2023
Fuel Polishing and Fuel Filtration Service

Ensuring the quality and longevity of stored diesel fuel requires the essential services of fuel polishing and filtration. At MegaWattage, a technician will use specialized filters to remove microbes and other contaminants from stored diesel during service. The technician will test the fuel and confirm if there is any removable water. A fuel polishing service can turn opaque, nearly-black diesel back to transparent red, making it viable for use once more.

Effects of Water on Diesel Fuel Storage

Given South Florida’s proximity to the ocean, high humidity creates an environment where diesel fuel tanks are constantly exposed to moisture. Older tanks may have cracks in them, which can allow water to seep into the fuel. Whereas new tanks may experience condensation inside due to the fluctuating outdoor temperatures. Water poses an ongoing threat to stored diesel fuel as it permeates all spaces.

When diesel fuel and water make contact, the two tend to emulsify. Which leads to water accumulating at the bottom of the tank. When this happens, moisture gathers above the fuel and condensation around the top interior. Algae, mold, and bacteria begin to form, saturating the fuel. Microbes and particulate matter, as it is called, darken and thicken the diesel that passes through. This can cause damage to the engine and, ultimately, generator failure.  

Common Issues with Contaminated Diesel Fuel

Contaminated diesel fuel becomes one of the most common causes of generator failure. Because the fuel sits unchecked and unused for periods of time, it forms into a thick, black/green sludge. This is a common occurrence in, for example, underground fuel tanks that hold thousands of gallons of fuel for months or years. In these instances, the moment a generator turns on and starts pumping fuel from a contaminated tank, the bad fuel will clog the filters, ruin the injectors, and wreak havoc throughout the fuel system. Even after moving through the engine, water droplets within the fuel can endure within the fuel system and trigger internal rusting of the water pump and fuel lines. Put bluntly, this common problem among poorly maintained fuel tanks can instantly bring a fully operational generator to the point of thousands of dollars in repair and parts replacement. Luckily, there are preventative maintenance solutions to this problem, and MegaWattage provides them.

MW Diesel Fuel Preventative Maintenance Must’s:

1. Ensure proper fuel maintenance by treating it regularly with conditioner additives that prevent fuel breakdown and inhibit the growth of microbes.

2. Perform consistent fuel testing, as it allows for the opportunity to resolve any fuel issues while they are still minimal.

3. Frequently inspect the fuel tank to ensure that rust and cracks have not formed.

4. Schedule a rust remediation service when the fuel tank appears to be damaged by rust or other environmental variables.

5. Schedule a fuel polishing and fuel filtration service if the fuel tests bad, which will ensure greater longevity and reliability of your standby power generator set.

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