Megawattage provides commercial and industrial generators for daily, weekly and monthly terms. We can also reserve you a generator for Hurricane season (June – November) which will guarantee you a generator during this period. Generator sizes available for rental / reservation: 20kw – 3000kw.

  • 24/7 support & deployment
  • Turnkey Installation
  • Licensed & Insured
  • Fuel Services
  • Service & Maintenance
  • Certified Technicians

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Be prepared for the Hurricane season

Make a reservation now to guarantee your generator and accessories for the next hurricane season
  • Guarantee generator
  • Store at Megawattage
  • Fueling services
  • 24/7 support & deployment
  • Reserve a generator for your property
  • We store the equipment until you need it
  • We install and fuel the generator at your property when a storm is approaching
  • We service and maintain the generator at your property



MEGAWATTAGE will handle the situation from start to finish. If your power requirements are for standby, temporary or emergency usage – Megawattage will handle everything. From sizing the generator, deploying to your property, making the connections, fueling the generator and the removal of the generator.

  • Determine the Size of the Generator
    Based on your properties load requirements, voltage and phase.
  • Provide Rental Generator and Equipment
    Options from 20KW thru 3000KW. We provide cables, pigtails, distribution box, cable covers, and more.
  • Installation
    Run the cables and make the connections from the generator to your property / building.
  • Maintenance & Fueling
    Perform site visits to inspect, service and fuel the generator as needed.
24/7 support & deployment
  • Call Megawattage
    We pick up the phone every time, under any circumstance.
  • Identify What You Need
    We will determine your power generation needs.
  • Response Commitment
    During a power emergency, Megawattage will deploy either a rental generator or a skilled diagnostic/repair service technician to your site.
  • A complete visual inspection of the entire generator system including accessories (block heater, battery chargers, fuel tanks…)

    • Quarterly, Semi-Annually & Annual programs
    • 59 point maintenance checklist
    • Oil & filter change, fuel testing & load bank services
  • We will monitor your generators run time and burn rate and dispatch timely fuel deliveries preventing costly downtime.

    • 24 / 7 fueling capabilities
    • No minimums / No trip charges
    • Premium Red-Dye Diesel
    Fuel filling up from a gasoline pump - 3d Rendering
  • The removal of water, sediment and microbial contamination from diesel fuel. A filtration / cleansing process is utilized along with a polish/compound which produces a mirror reflection finish.

    • Extends the life of a generator
    • Before & after samples provided
    • Reduces blocked filters, worn fuel injectors and engine failure
  • Resistive load bank testing verifies that your generator and its primary components work properly under your buildings fully loaded conditions. As a maintenance tool, it helps prevent future problems associated with running on a minimal load, such as wet stacking and carbon deposits in the exhaust pipe.

    • Identifies the efficiency of the system during various load conditions
    • Confirms if there are any fuel, oil or coolant leaks
    • Stability of the voltage