Load Bank Testing Generator

Megawattage Load Bank Testing Generator service 

Load banks are used in generator load testing which produces an artificial load. They confirm a generator’s ability to handle an electrical load and are a key element in any backup power system. It’s also useful as a maintenance tool, helping prevent future problems associated with running on a minimal load, such as wet stacking and carbon deposits in the exhaust pipe. Backup or standby generators should be tested often to assess their emergency readiness.

Load Bank Testing Generator provides several benefits, such as:

  •  Removing carbons and other foreign materials that can negatively impact generator engine performance
  • Minimizing the risk that the generator will not perform at full capacity during an outage
  • Verifying the capacity of the UPS batteries and the integrity of all electrical connections at the time of testing
  • Reducing the likelihood of wet stacking, a potentially harmful condition caused by unburned diesel fuel building up in the generator engine exhaust system
  • Alleviating extra stress on the engine that can lead to poor performance and potentially cause mechanical failure
  • Providing you and your team with the confidence that your generators will operate at full capacity when the need arises

Megawattage offers Load Bank Testing Generator. You should perform load bank testing as part of your generators’ preventive maintenance program.

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  • 1

    If I don't use my generator, do I need to perform a Load bank test?

    Yes – if a generator operates at under 30 percent of its kilowatt nameplate for less than 30 minutes per month, you should use a load bank to produce an artificial load and test its performance.

  • 2

    How often should I load bank my generator?

    Megawattage offers this service within your Preventive Maintenance program and recommends performing such on an annual basis.

  • 3

    How long does this test take?

    We recommend running a 4 hour test allowing it to run until it gradually reaches 100-percent capacity.