MegaWattage Offers Diesel Fuel Reservations

April 4, 2023
Megawattage offers a Diesel Fuel Reservation

Reliable Emergency Fuel Services

When the demand for diesel is imperative, it is equally as important to have an alternative fuel supplier for emergencies. In the days and weeks following the devastating Hurricane Irma, the demand for fuel dramatically increased. While power lines were down and awaiting repair, diesel fuel was in short supply. This is always the case after a major storm. Fuel trucks from all over South Florida endured extensive wait times as they hoped to fill their tanks at the port. Meanwhile, refueling stations and properties reliant on generator power were dependent on the delayed operations of these fuel trucks.

Despite possessing backup generators, homes and businesses were without power due to a lack of diesel fuel. Many generators that power up businesses and residences will burn 10-30 gallons of diesel fuel per hour, under load. Larger generators, 1 megawatt or higher, can burn up to 50 gallons or more per hour. If your business requires a backup generator for 24/7 operations, your rate of diesel consumption will swiftly add up. 

Preventing Fuel Contamination

An untended fuel tank can become polluted by water, algae, and bacteria. If your fuel tank is not receiving regular maintenance, inspection, and fuel treatment, or if rust damage has allowed for water to leak into it, then the fuel might require polishing or replacement. This is preventable through routine tank inspections and fuel polishing services. An alternative fuel source is invaluable for anyone concerned with maintaining backup power, as it mitigates the potential problem highlighted here.

Reliable Emergency Fuel Services

At MegaWattage, there is no minimum order requirement when it comes to diesel fuel. If your fuel supplier runs dry and cannot deliver according to schedule, consider that concern nonexistent when choosing us. We have fuel trucks on the road and at the ready for both our clients and the Southeast Florida community. Under normal circumstances, a phone call accomplishes same-day or next-day fuel delivery.  Your operations can rely on MegaWattage to ensure that, no matter the emergency, you will have uninterrupted backup power.

This hurricane season, MegaWattage will be offering diesel fuel reservations to help alleviate any of our clients’ concerns surrounding disaster-induced shortages. Call MegaWattage at (954) 328-0232 to make a reservation today for the coming hurricane season. 

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