The power at Bush Gardens went down Saturday, May 12th after a squirrel invaded the substation and damaged a breaker. This is not a wild story; squirrels and other critters are a very frequent cause of power outages, as they crawl into every dark corner, including electrical vaults and transformers. Also, their presence on power lines, interacting with hot wires or jumping to ground, is a continuous hassle for linemen. Although squirrel related outages are, individually, never going to equate to the severity of a nasty storm or disaster, which can cause weeks or months worth of repairing damage and restoring power, the nationwide and worldwide effect of squirrels and their scurrying ilk competes with hurricanes and tornadoes for the status of being the cumulative cause of greater overall time without power annually. The power was down at Busch Gardens for nearly four hours before the squirrel situation was resolved.

Short power outages like this are still and always a problem, especially for businesses, and they are inevitable; however, a well maintained standby generator on auto can keep your lights and your equipment running smoothly, so that these daily issues vanish from your concern, as if the thousands of squirrel-power interactions every year do not exist.