Site Safety and Health Specialist

Miami FL
Start Date
February, 2023
2 weeks

Is authorized to direct “stand-down” of specific unsafe actions on ISB and/generator locations. Achieved by verbal/written communications and between shifts during daily debriefing. This is where pending actions, and observations are communicated to incoming/outgoing shifts. Stand down can be directed at all WSP personnel including subcontractors. Whenever possible, and should unsafe conditions exist, will seek concurrence from USACE key personnel. Also responsible for WSP’s adherence to guidance provided under USACE.

3-5 years in safety and health-related environment. Basic qualifications are: 

  • 1) broad knowledge of safety and occupational health principles, methods, and techniques. 
  • 2) Skill in recognizing hazardous or potentially hazardous conditions, developing measures to eliminate or control these conditions, and effectively communicating the appropriate measures to resolve these problems is essential. 
  •  3) A practical knowledge of the methods, techniques, and procedures applied by industrial hygienists and environmental and fire prevention engineers is frequently necessary. Understanding of the EM385-1-1 methodology and familiarity with EPP & SPCC. Additional Minimum Qualifications/Certifications for the Site Safety and Health Specialist (Safety Specialist): OSHA 30 General Industrial and OSHA 30 Construction Industry Safety certifications; and maintain competency through having taken 8 hours of documented formal training every year. The SSHO is a part of the ICS command staff and reports to the Site Safety and Health Officer. 

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