April 4, 2023

Megawattage offers a Diesel Fuel Reservation Service.

We are prepared to keep our generators fueled during emergencies. Do you have a fuel source when the gas stations run dry?

In the days and weeks following the devastating Hurricane Irma, while power lines were down and being repaired, the demand for fuel dramatically increased. This is always the case after a major storm. Diesel was in short supply. Fuel trucks from all over South Florida arrived at the port, hoping to fill their tanks, and the wait time was extensive. In the meantime, refueling stations and sites running on generator power were reliant on the backed-up schedules of these fueling trucks. All throughout the areas where primary power was affected, lines of cars at the gas station poured out into the street, and standby generators shut down for lack of fuel. Homes and businesses shut down for lack of power despite possessing back-up generators. This hurricane season, Megawattage will be offering Fuel Reservations, so our clients will not have to worry about diesel shortages for their generators.

Many generators that power up businesses and residences will burn 10-30 gallons of diesel per hour under load. Big generators, closer to or larger than 1 Megawatt, can burn 50 gallons or more per hour. If you require a back-up generator for a 24/7 operation, the rates of diesel consumption will swiftly add up. When the demand for diesel is imperative, it is good to have an alternative fuel supplier during emergencies.

Furthermore, an untended fuel tank can become polluted by water, algae, and bacteria. If your fuel tank is not receiving regular maintenance inspections and fuel treatment, or if rust damage has allowed for water leakage into it, then the fuel might require polishing or replacement. When main power is lost and the generator kicks on, bad fuel can cause harm to the engine, clog the filters, and cause the unit to shut down. This is a preventable crisis, and Megawattage can help by performing tank inspection and fuel polishing services today; however, once again, this potential problem is one more reason why an alternative fuel source is valuable for anyone who is concerned with maintaining back-up power.

Disaster preparedness and relief is our top priority. We know that as much as our generators are distributed and maintained, they require fuel to operate properly; therefore, Megawattage is in the diesel business as well as the generator business. We have fuel trucks on the road and at the ready for our clients who need it when either their standby units or our installed rental units are running. Under normal circumstances, same-day or next-day fuel delivery is accomplished with a phone call. Now, even when diesel is unavailable everywhere else, you will be able to rely on Megawattage to keep your generator and your equipment operational.

At Megawattage, we offer Fuel Reservations of 100 gallons, 200 Gallons or more. With us, you do not need to worry about lines at the station or lines at the port. With us, if your fuel company runs out of fuel and cannot deliver according to schedule because of disaster or fuel shortage, then that no longer needs to be a concern. Rely on Megawattage to ensure that, no matter the emergency, you will have back-up power.

Call Megawattage today and make your Fuel Reservation for this coming hurricane season.


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