Notable weather in the northeast this week: Tornadoes and powerful storms with winds over 100 miles per hour mashed up New York, and placing it in a state of emergency, and surrounding states on Tuesday, May 15. Huge hailstones and lightning bolts thundered down all over the northeast, and the tide surged. The catastrophe has resulted in a great deal of property damage and blockage from downed trees, tens of thousands of homes and businesses without power, and, as of today, May 17, there are 5 reported storm related deaths. Rail lines and roads have been damaged and blocked by fallen trees and debris. Some businesses and schools were obligated to close. The clean-up and power restoration will likely continue through the end of the week or longer. This is continuing to follow a rough nor’easter season this year. Megawattage LLC is here in South Florida for all of your disaster recovery needs.