Earthquakes on Hawaii’s Big Island began to shake the ground in the last days of April, leading to a smoky eruption from volcano Kilauea that is continuing, spraying ash over nearby communities and producing streams of lava and gasses from many of over 20 fissures that have cracked open. There have been many people and communities evacuated from areas closest to the volcano in order to escape lava flow, toxic fumes and choking smoke that continues to emerge from beneath the earth. Although many parts of the Big Island are safe, there has recently been a red alert sent out, specifically regarding any air traffic near the island, as the ash and smoke is rising many thousands of miles into the air and constitutes a significant threat. Currently, Hawaii is bracing itself for another explosion, potentially more powerful than what has already been occurring. Next week, Megawattage will be sending a team out to Hawaii to maintain operating condition of emergency generators that could be deployed throughout all the Hawaiian isles.