Generator Maintenance, Repair and Service in Aventura

Megawattage is the most reputable and recognizable power generator maintenance, service and repair company in South Florida. The companies that confide in our services are respectable major organizations as well as many small companies and many big notable companies.

Generator Maintenance in Aventura

We are able to find and inspect every problem before they arise with the help of our outstanding team of experts. Small investments in replacing parts or supporting generators regularly will save expensive and unacceptable upgrades or even replacement of the whole genset in the future. Call us now before it’s too late!


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Generator Repair in Aventura

Megwattage is the biggest and most honorable Generator Maintenance, repair and Service company in South Florida. We are certified and offer repair services on MQ Power Generators and all leading brands by meeting the manufacturer’s finest standards in product knowledge and installation.



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Generator Service in Aventura

At Megawattage we have focused on the most important – to satisfy our customer’s special needs. By providing extraordinary service, and all repairs will be made in a timely manner and at an affordable price. We are constantly restructuring our process to be in unison with our customers. Our general interest is to provide wonderful service with professional expertise and special knowledge of our technicians.


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Generator Maintenance

Generator Repair