Quality Control Officer

Fort Lauderdale FL
Start Date
February, 2023
30 months

With the concurrence of the Quality Control Manager, authorized to take necessary action to ensure all staff and equipment on the mission are safely performing in compliance with USACE PWS and QASP requirements, National Electric Code (NEC), and guidance provided by the EM385-1-1. Assist in oversight of all trades and reports directly to the Quality Control Manager.

  • Must be a Licensed/Certified Master Electrician, with previous emergency response experience during disaster events involving emergency power; and O&M services as a QA or Electrician. 
  • Possesses 5+ years of experience in the electrical installation, mechanical installation, repair, and maintenance of emergency standby generators. Knowledge of standards, procedures, methods, and techniques, applicable to emergency power and construction projects including equipment, materials, and utility/ medium voltage systems. 
  • Knowledge of inspection, test, and measurement techniques related to emergency power projects. 
  • Able to inspect electrical installations and identify potential hazards or problems. 
  • Deep understanding of electrical safety including arc flash protection, and oversight to enforce proper installation techniques with an emphasis on utility separation, de-installation, safety, grounding, and bonding. 
  • Able to provide training in electrical topics related to the mission.

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