Medium Voltage Generator Electrician

No Level of Authority other than “stop work authority” to stop all work actions being performed deemed hazardous to personnel and/or equipment on ISB and/or generator install sites.

  • Medium Voltage Electrician is a full Journeyman level classification performing skilled high voltage distribution electrical work in accordance with regulatory requirements in the electrical trade. 
  • Based on completion of a recognized apprenticeship, or its equivalent; this classification is distinguished from other classifications which may perform limited elements of electrical work by its focus on voltage distribution systems above 480 volts and its equipment. 
  •  The scope of work will determine the skill level required.
  • Positions at this level may direct the work of other helpers, apprentices, and journeymen without medium voltage qualifications at the unique project level. Including training apprentices, they may work independently, or in conjunction with other trade crafts. 

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