Mechanical Branch Leader

Responsible for meeting PWS requirements. Directs and supervises all mechanics. The position has the authority to validate the proper performance of actions.

  • 3-5 years of industry-related experience specifically in diesel engine maintenance, and the repair of standby generators. Education and knowledge related to Diesel engines; power generating equipment, or related electrical equipment through a recognized trade union, technical school, or equivalent. An accredited college or university, or technical school may substitute one year of required practical experience.
  •  Shall possess in-depth Tier 4 training, with knowledge of Diesel engine emission controls.  Understands the importance of fuel quality; and the ability to diagnose diesel engine and power generator problems.
  • Able to provide preventative maintenance and part failure prediction and readiness when deployed on long-duration missions.
  • Interfaces with the Supply Unit Leader and assists in forecasting inventory requirements. 
  • Diligent in scheduling routing, and forecasting generator services and PMs. 
  • Reports to the Operations Chief.

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