Generator Maintenance, Repair and Service in Homestead

Megawattage is one of the biggest and most trusted power generator maintenance, service and repair company in South Florida. Our wide clients list include many well-known organizations and also big and small companies from many different fields.

Generator Maintenance in Homestead

Our exceptional team of technicians is able to detect and inspect any problem before they escalate. Small investments made in replacing parts and supporting generators on a regular basis can save very expensive and unwanted upgrades or even exchange of the entire genset in the future. Don’t wait to contact us!


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Generator Repair in Homestead

Megawattage is a very well known and well established Generator Maintenance, Repair and Service company thorough South Florida. Meeting the manufacturer’s highest standards in product knowledge and montage, we are recognized and offer repair services on MQ Power Diesel Generators and most of the distinguished brands.



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Generator Service in Homestead

Mettawatage have focused on customers’ particular needs. We will pull up outstanding service, and all repairs being done on a relevant time manner, all at an affordable price. Our company is constantly changing techniques to attune to our customers and our main center is on providing excellent service through professional work and accurate knowledge of our technicians.


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Generator Maintenance

Generator Repair