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Recently, a condominium had tried in vain to discover a generator company that could provide back-up power for their fire alarm emergency system. Megawattage responded to the call and knew how to properly install the wiring and drop in a rental generator that will maintain back-up power until such time as the condominium no longer needs assistance. We pulled the permit, installed to code, and established necessary back-up power in days.

Springtree Nursing and Rehabilitaion

During the brunt of the storm, Hurricane Irma, Megawattage received an urgent service call since their generator had gone down and their current generator maintenance company was not working during actual storms. We respond when other generator technicians won’t leave their house. We deployed two of our best technicians and brought the generator back online.

Hurricane Harvey and Irma Disaster Relief

Megawattage deployed generator technician teams through Texas, Florida, Georgia and North Carolina for Hurricanes Harvey and Irma disaster relief.

We were on site, on call, and ready to install generators and power up any and all mission critical operations in areas most badly damaged by the weather. We are always ready to mobilize teams of electricians, mechanics, operators, CDL drivers and all other relevant technicians at a moment’s notice to assist in power generation nationwide.

Hurricane Harvey Disaster Relief

Megawattage donated $10,000.00 to the Salvation army to help with relief efforts in Houston in the wake of Hurricane Harvey

Broward County EOC

The evening of Hurricane Irma, Megawattage was called to assist Broward County EOC regarding a 1MG back-up generator which was not cooling and required a temperature thermostat adjustment. The generator’s flawless operation was necessary for the mayor to perform his speech. Megawattage responded immediately, since we are a 24/7 company, diagnosed and resolved the problem swiftly, and left three electricians on site overnight in order to ensure that the generator could be brought back up instantly in the event of another fail.


Megawattage Blog

Megawattage has a staff of licensed, skilled, certified professionals and a fleet of generators, light towers, load banks and other equipment with a mission to deliver back-up power.

Hurricane or shine, 24/7, on weekends and holidays, we specialize in immediately responding to any emergency, restoring power in hours and providing maintenance and security for years to come. Our team includes a Florida licensed Electrical Contractor, Pollutant Storage Contractor, and General Contractor, all of whom have been serving South Florida with Megawattage for over a decade, with experience in taking on complicated projects, especially in inclement weather but also in very delicate environments and consistently producing stellar quality work. Based on our ethics and performance, we have earned a reputation for dependability and grown to be one of the largest power generation companies in South Florida with many client relationships that have remained strong, even since the earliest days of our business; furthermore, our tremendous capability and efficiency has earned us a reputation beyond South Florida so that Megawattage now services, repairs and maintains generators throughout all the US and its territories, including Puerto Rico and Guam. Our blue chip client list includes well-known organizations including the U.S. Government and many other businesses in the continental U.S. and beyond. Our success stories, on the website home page, display the breadth of our excellence.

Megawattage offers full-service generator installation and turnkey generator rental and back-up power packages throughout South Florida. We have a trailer mounted mobile rental generators from 15KW to 2000KW in stock. We provide the electrical wiring and the hookup.

Our generators are multi-voltage units and have 48 to 72-hour fuel tank capacity. Delivery and pickup service is available. If you are in Palm Beach, Miami-Dade, Monroe County or Broward County and need to rent a power generator for emergency / primary power, call us at  305-299-0324 or 954-328-0232.

The Burleigh House Condominium Lift

Condominiums, unlike single-family homes, require a major power source in order to maintain basic and emergency operations for their many dwelling places. Many systems run unnoticed in the background, hidden in electrical rooms, silently running through pipes along the ceiling, and coming alive for a few brief moments of self-testing and diagnostics when the greater population has gone to work; however, these subtle machines can mean the difference between safety and disaster during an emergency, as they maintain emergency lights (especially in stairwells and parking lots), fire and electrical hazard alarms and equipment, and, oftentimes, elevators. It is imperative that these systems work according to the needs of the condominium at all times for the protection of both the residents and the condominium itself.

The solution to avoiding a crisis of power loss is a well-maintained generator that produces enough electricity to power every emergency system – or, if you are particularly generous, a generator that can produce enough electricity to power up the a/c and refrigerators in every condo as well.

Condominiums and office buildings are alike in that they are often located in busy areas without much room or space for installing and manipulating a large generator or the equipment required to perform an installation, but many of these are clients of Megawattage, as we already have a strong reputation for getting a job done, even if it is tricky. Check out the video of our generator lift for the Burleigh House

Even in crowded Miami Beach, Megawattage can clear a bit of room for a quick generator lift. Cars line the streets near the middle of a Thursday morning, and all of the spaces are a little tight for a 400MQ generator and a crane to lift it up to the second story of the Burleigh House Condominium; not a problem for us. Watch our pro electricians hoist up this unit and land it in moments.

From walking into the permitting office to waving farewell to the crane operator, Megawattage was able to place this unit in roughly 48 hours, a speedy and effective resolution for our client. Now, more households need not fear losing power.

Stiles Corporation, Sawgrass Facility, 2015, Sunrise, Florida

Megawattage Emergency Power Stiles Corporate Campus

Major lightning strike on a Sunday evening blew out the electrical in the FPL vault and the generator was overheating. Megawattage LLC crews arrived on site found the problem and fashioned a temporary fix. Because of the creativity of Megawattage LLC personnel, the facility was without power for only a short period of time and the UPS’s protected the servers during that time.

Town of Davie Utilities Generator Replacement, 2015, Town of Davie, Florida

Megawattage Town of Davie 2015-Utilities Emergency Power Generators

Basler 2020 control board needed to be replaced on a 750KW generator. Although it was a Saturday, we were able to secure one in West Palm Beach and get the back up generator up and running (If needed).

Town of Davie Utilities, 2015, Town of Davie, Florida

Megawattage Town of Davie 2015-Utilities Emergency Power Generators

Basler 2020 control board needed to be replaced on a 750KW generator. Although it was a Saturday, we were able to secure one in West Palm Beach and get the back up generator up and running (If needed).