Megawattage is known for taking on any challenging job, and, although we often talk about dangers of disaster areas, sometimes the most complex challenges revolve around finding creative solutions to technological and logistical difficulties.

Common practice in any field of work is producing documentation of work performed. Like all businesses, we need to send data back and forth from the work site to the home office and from the office manager to the site manager, and throughout all avenues between the technician and the customer. In our particular field of work, we often find ourselves in remote areas without power, without cellular reception, and without GPS and internet and other convenient technology, so Megawattage was recently challenged to invent an efficient means of recording details, sending forms, providing evidence of permissions, etc. And fast.

The answer was to create an  independent wi-fi network that provided our technicians access to our own private database via tablets. This brilliant solution allowed us to keep a portable database that was always synced with the data from many different technicians operating separately and independently all over an area that otherwise has no cellular coverage or internet connection in any form. The system has the added effect of empowering our technicians to report in the moment, communicate with each other, and double-check their work in various ways, reducing the need for excessive double-checking after the fact. This strategy does not only resolve a question of how to perform a task, it simplifies and expedites the entire process.

Now, we can take our office to anywhere on the globe, and nothing is ever lost in transit. Of course, this is only one of the more recent examples of where a job requires quick creativity and Megawattage has responded with seamless integration of effective business solutions. Regardless, we are proud and excited to have yet another tool at our disposal to continue to provide power generation services at any time and to any place.