Megawattage has saved the World’s Largest Ice cream Truck from the sticky, molten tragedy of downed freezers after generator failure.


This big truck is a big innovation. Although mobilizing ice cream coolers for neighborhood distribution is one of the oldest businesses happily remembered by children of modern American generations, the Cosmos Ice Cream Truck has expounded on this classical style with a large and diverse menu of ice creams and their specialty: using liquid food grade nitrogen to freeze the ice cream base, generating an excellent quality product. Embracing modern technology has placed this truck and this business is in high demand, so when the power went down, the company needed an expedient repair.

Here, I have created a bulleted list of some problems that can occur when the generator goes down in an ice cream truck:

  • The ice cream melts
  • Throngs of disappointed, disillusioned children

Dry jokes aside, this was a cool job. Generator power has so many uses, and finding a generator in ice cream trucks, food trucks, and semi-trucks is not uncommon. An ice cream truck of this size requires energy for more than just a freezer’s significant draw. This particular unit has refrigeration, a/c, lighting throughout a significant square footage, and many functions of an ice cream shop, being that it is an entire ice cream shop on wheels. A generator is the best solution for these power demands.

Megawattage was called to the scene, where one of our expert technicians diagnosed the faults and discovered that it was not producing voltage. It was a regulator issue. The replacement part was ordered and installed the next day. We performed general maintenance to ensure that the machine was fully operational and the Cosmos Ice Cream Truck was immediately returned to its mission of making fond memories everywhere.