An east Atlantic tropical depression has quickly developed into the first official hurricane of 2018, hurricane Beryl, which follows tropical storm Alberto as the second tropical storm system this season. Hurricane Beryl is currently a small storm, and it is difficult to determine its current trajectory; however, as of now, Friday afternoon, July 6, it appears that hurricane Beryl may strike land in Lesser Antilles as a category one. Depending on atmospheric conditions, meteorologists predict that hurricane Beryl may potentially pick up more speed according to its current pace of growth over warm waters or, instead, be blown apart by impending wind shear, possibly even before crossing over the islands, as it moves westward. It is expected that hurricane Beryl will be slowed down, but the storm is still very likely to make landfall among the Caribbean islands as a tropical storm next week. Regardless of whether hurricane Beryl strengthens or weakens, strong winds and stormy seas are anticipated in the Caribbean over the course of the next five days.